Big Foot Sprints XXVI E2

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Provisional Results at Sunday 17 December 12:06PM
Race 2
1Alastair GeorgeMenBig Foot Orienteers10:22
2Toby WilsonMenBig Foot Orienteers11:04
3Curtis PepperMenBennelong Northside Orienteers12:12
4Huon WilsonMenGaringal Orienteers13:37
1Emily SorensenWomenBig Foot Orienteers13:50
2Rebecca GeorgeWomenBig Foot Orienteers13:55
5Jock DavisMenBig Foot Orienteers15:41
6Paul MarshMenBig Foot Orienteers16:08
7Wayne PepperMenBennelong Northside Orienteers16:32
8Andy SimpsonMenBig Foot Orienteers16:35
9James McQuillanMenWestern and Hills Orienteers16:38
10David BrayMenGaringal Orienteers16:46
11Miles EllisMenBig Foot Orienteers16:54
12Graeme DawsonMenGaringal Orienteers17:11
13John BulmanMenGaringal Orienteers18:56
3Emmanuelle ConvertWomenWestern and Hills Orienteers20:13
4Melissa JosephWomenGaringal Orienteers20:28
5Justine de Remy de CourcellesWomenWestern and Hills Orienteers20:56
14Ian JessupMenGaringal Orienteers20:57
15Andrew WisniewskiMenBig Foot Orienteers22:00
16Rodney ParkinMenBennelong Northside Orienteers22:54
17Terry BluettMenBennelong Northside Orienteers23:03
18Paul PrudhoeMenCentral Coast Orienteers23:06
19Ian FroudeMenIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers23:47
6Julia PrudhoeWomenCentral Coast Orienteers24:44
20Julian LedgerMenBennelong Northside Orienteers24:51
7Airdrie LongWomenGaringal Orienteers26:18
8Barbara DawsonWomenGaringal Orienteers30:43
9Sue FroudeWomenIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers30:56
21Aiden McQuillanMenWestern and Hills Orienteers33:16
10Elizabeth BulmanWomenGaringal Orienteers34:56
11Nicola NyghWomenBig Foot Orienteers38:21
22Keith GoodeMenBig Foot Orienteers41:22
--Jake EvansMenBig Foot OrienteersMP
--Jim MackayMenUringa OrienteersDNF

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers