Metro League #1

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Provisional Results at Sunday 22 March 1:00PM
Div. 1
1Toby WilsonDivision 1Garingal Orienteers43:28
2Atte LahtinenDivision 1Helsingin Suunnistajat48:29
3Greg BarbourDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers50:05
4Richard MorrisDivision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers50:58
5James McQuillanDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers51:44
6Aidan DawsonDivision 1Garingal Orienteers53:25
7Benjamin HanleyDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers53:58
8Melissa ThomasDivision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers58:02
9Andrew SmithDivision 1Garingal Orienteers58:49
10Bart VonhoffDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers62:54
11Peter AnnettsDivision 1Garingal Orienteers63:09
12Vivien de Remy de CourcellesDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers63:43
13Andy SimpsonDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers64:54
14Armands TeterisDivision 1Garingal Orienteers64:56
15Nick WilkinsonDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers64:58
16Richard PattisonDivision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers66:41
17Mark FreemanDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers70:58
18Brian BranniganDivision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers72:01
19Niamh CassarDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers73:30
20Nea ShinglerDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers76:40
21Gary FarebrotherDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers77:39
22Lee CoadyDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers77:50
23Nicole MealingDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers85:28
--Peter HopperDivision 1Bennelong Northside OrienteersMP
Div. 2
1Riley GraingerDivision 2Garingal Orienteers48:24
2Cooper HorleyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers49:52
3Paula ShinglerDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers52:19
4Angus SheddenDivision 2Southern Highlands Orienteers53:30
5Shane DoyleDivision 2Uringa Orienteers53:58
6Cameron WillDivision 2Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers55:02
7Eoin RotheryDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers55:25
8Barbara HillDivision 2Garingal Orienteers55:49
9Mark ShinglerDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers56:21
10Paul MarshDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers56:51
11Jake EvansDivision 2Knox Grammar School57:14
12Dan SmithDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers59:23
13Ant NolanDivision 2Uringa Orienteers59:26
14Tom KennedyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers59:42
15Dylan ShermanDivision 2Knox Grammar School60:04
16Tracy MarshDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers60:53
17Toni BachvarovaDivision 2Garingal Orienteers60:55
18Craig RoachDivision 2Southern Highlands Orienteers62:06
19Tony HillDivision 2Garingal Orienteers62:44
20Rebecca GeorgeDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers63:43
21Darren SlatteryDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers66:17
22John BrayanDivision 2Garingal Orienteers68:34
23Wayne PepperDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers69:38
24Stuart DeaneDivision 2Garingal Orienteers71:49
25Douglas JayDivision 2Southern Highlands Orienteers71:52
26Tshinta HopperDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers72:38
27Shiona WillDivision 2Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers73:21
28David McGheeDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers74:49
29Jim MackayDivision 2Uringa Orienteers75:37
30Brett SewellDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers76:16
31Grace MackieDivision 281:52
32Benny HolmgrenDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers82:31
33Serena DoyleDivision 2Uringa Orienteers83:21
34Zoe MellingDivision 2Uringa Orienteers100:49
--Oliver FreemanDivision 2Big Foot OrienteersMP
--Paul PrudhoeDivision 2Central Coast OrienteersMP
Div. 3
1David GreenDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers49:07
2Natalya FilippovaDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers49:38
3Stefan KuehnDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers50:17
4Jamie KennedyDivision 3Garingal Orienteers50:18
5Andrew Mac DonaldDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers50:19
6Miles EllisDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers50:53
7Melissa JosephDivision 3Garingal Orienteers51:46
8Timothy McConaghyDivision 3Garingal Orienteers51:50
9Belinda KinneallyDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers53:26
10Simon NashDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers53:40
11Lilja LehtonenDivision 3Garingal Orienteers54:13
12Ruth SheddenDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers54:53
13Michael HalmyDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers55:46
14Matt HackettDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers56:14
15Julian LedgerDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers58:19
16Tim PerryDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers58:35
17Stephan WagnerDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers58:55
18Stephen DunlopDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers59:29
19Julia BarbourDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers59:41
20Melissa AnnettsDivision 3Garingal Orienteers60:01
21Rodney ParkinDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers60:40
22Ian CameronDivision 3Garingal Orienteers62:14
23Joshua BraidwoodDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers63:39
24Colin BurnettDivision 3Garingal Orienteers64:49
25Emmanuelle ConvertDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers66:01
26Andra LeungDivision 3Garingal Orienteers67:15
27Jim MerchantDivision 3Garingal Orienteers68:08
28Airdrie LongDivision 3Garingal Orienteers71:38
29Lyra SimpsonDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers72:51
30Amanda MackieDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers79:12
31Vanessa FreemanDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers83:59
--Carolyn HauptDivision 3Garingal OrienteersMP
--Keith JayDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah OrienteersMP
--Louise BarbourDivision 3Big Foot OrienteersMP
Div. 4
1Adam HorleyDivision 4Garingal Orienteers42:43
2John BulmanDivision 4Garingal Orienteers43:16
3Callum WalandDivision 4Knox Grammar School46:17
4Peter McConaghyDivision 4Garingal Orienteers48:59
5Ian JessupDivision 4Garingal Orienteers49:07
6Ellis LeungDivision 4Garingal Orienteers52:48
7Dom PitotDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers53:07
7Paul SweeneyDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers53:07
9Ben CumminsDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers53:52
10Ori GudesDivision 4Uringa Orienteers54:05
11Curtis PepperDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers54:15
12Dmitry StukovDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers54:41
12Peter ThomasonDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers54:41
14Terry BluettDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers55:08
15Ross BarrDivision 4Garingal Orienteers55:29
16Sharon LambertDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers57:15
17Julia PrudhoeDivision 4Central Coast Orienteers58:06
18Maggie MackayDivision 4Uringa Orienteers62:50
19Kathryn VaughanDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers64:18
20Garry StewartDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers67:45
21Vicki WilmottDivision 4Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers68:29
22Elizabeth LewisDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers69:35
23Ron JunghansDivision 4Garingal Orienteers71:07
24Wendy McConaghyDivision 4Garingal Orienteers71:36
25Anette LarssonDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers77:40
--Karen LanganDivision 4Western and Hills OrienteersMP
--Ken JacobsonDivision 4Garingal OrienteersMP
--Robert SpryDivision 4Southern Highlands OrienteersMP
Div. 5
1Will KayDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers37:43
2Samuel TsangDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers47:26
3Alton FreemanDivision 5Big Foot Orienteers48:15
4Jim ForbesDivision 5Garingal Orienteers48:48
5Helen GolderDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers49:09
6Anthony SaundersDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers52:49
7Kieran JosephDivision 5Garingal Orienteers57:28
8Melanie ChristieDivision 5Uringa Orienteers57:43
9Kevin CurbyDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers57:49
10Carolyn DaviesDivision 5Garingal Orienteers59:09
11William NolanDivision 5Uringa Orienteers59:18
12John FitzsimmonsDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers60:44
13Barbara DawsonDivision 5Garingal Orienteers62:58
14James StuartDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers65:41
15Dave LottyDivision 5Uringa Orienteers76:33
16Dennis SparlingDivision 5Garingal Orienteers76:50
17Jonathan D'ArcyDivision 5Garingal Orienteers78:11
18Peter MeyerDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers84:13
19Barry HanlonDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers85:18
20YC LeeDivision 5Garingal Orienteers86:56
21Katherine CameronDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers93:03
22Ross DukerDivision 5Garingal Orienteers94:33
23Ian BlaydenDivision 5Garingal Orienteers95:04
24Linda MandinDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers100:37
--Cheryl BluettDivision 5Bennelong Northside OrienteersMP
--Matilda SaundersDivision 5Western and Hills OrienteersMP
--Ron PallasDivision 5Uringa OrienteersMP
--Jane BolandDivision 5Uringa OrienteersDNF
--Rod EckelsDivision 5Garingal Orienteers55:44
Div. 6
1Juha LehtonenDivision 6Garingal Orienteers37:38
2Andrew LumsdenDivision 6Big Foot Orienteers37:56
3Jamie MarshDivision 6Big Foot Orienteers38:49
4Rory SheddenDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers44:19
5Elizabeth BulmanDivision 6Garingal Orienteers49:01
6Miia LehtonenDivision 6Garingal Orienteers50:24
7Lachlan CoadyDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers50:29
8Martin CroninDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers52:46
9Linda ChanDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers53:18
10Natalie GraingerDivision 6Garingal Orienteers55:39
11Arthur LusherDivision 6Garingal Orienteers56:00
12Kari MarshDivision 6Big Foot Orienteers59:29
13Janet MorrisDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers61:40
14Sandra StewartDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers65:39
15Lyn MalmgronDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers69:10
16Graeme OddyDivision 6Newcastle Orienteering Club71:13
17Michelle TonnetDivision 691:41
18Keith GoodeDivision 6Big Foot Orienteers102:05
--Jonathan NolanDivision 6Uringa OrienteersMP
--Michael RoylanceDivision 6Big Foot OrienteersMP
1Euan SheddenEasySouthern Highlands Orienteers29:22
2Hamilton KinneallyEasyWestern and Hills Orienteers31:11
3Sue KurrieEasy32:34
4Vickie LeeEasyGaringal Orienteers34:39
5George KinneallyEasyWestern and Hills Orienteers38:15
6Nicola McConaghyEasyGaringal Orienteers39:29
7Gary GloverEasyGaringal Orienteers41:16
8Annabelle Di BariEasyWestern and Hills Orienteers42:59
9Levi CoadyEasyWestern and Hills Orienteers44:32

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers