MTBO SS1 and Foot-O USC 25-Feb-2024

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Provisional Results at Sunday 25 February 6:12PM
Course 1
1Joel YoungMTB M21Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers42:18
1Gary FreudigmannMTB LongSunshine Orienteers Club46:38
2Richard RobinsonMTB M21Sunshine Orienteers Club47:19
1Tamsin BarnesMTB WOLRange Runners Orienteering Club51:07
3John AdamsMTB M21Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers61:58
2Katherine PivettaMTB LongSunshine Orienteers Club100:33
Course 2
Michael SchaferMTB M60Sunshine Orienteers Club
Shayne PalfreymanMTB MediumMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers
1Craig SteffensMTB M50Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers35:59
1John SkiltonMTB W21Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers41:12
1Tony BryantMTB M40Enoggeroos41:55
2Peter JorgensenMTB M50Sunshine Orienteers Club43:01
1Courtney GoodacreMTB W21Sunshine Orienteers Club47:33
2Debbie GordonMTB W21Sunshine Orienteers Club53:36
3Susie Williams BlissnerMTB W21Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers58:37
1Dave CongreveMTB MediumMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers61:38
3Andy FindlayMTB M50Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers66:38
2Sonya PalfreymanMTB MediumMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers82:56
Course 3
1David FirmanMTB M70Enoggeroos40:33
1Callum BryantMTB M14Enoggeroos44:49
2Athol LesterMTB M70Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers51:31
3Reid MoranMTB M70Toohey Forest Orienteers54:18
1Norah SkiltonMTB W60Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers60:27
1Claudia NaidooMTB W50Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers68:46
2Isaac AdamsMTB M14Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers73:01
1Iain DuncanMTB ShortSunshine Orienteers Club100:15
2Eva KovacsMTB W50Multi Terrain Bike Orienteers125:23
1Ann TaylorMTB W40Enoggeroos182:08
--Josh TaylorMTB M14EnoggeroosMP
Score 90 min
15Felix SmithMTB Score 90 minMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers
1Richard CrossleyMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club71:28
10Anne TaylorMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club72:31
11Rachel TaylorMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club72:34
12Dion TaylorMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club72:39
2Robert MilneMTB Score 90 minMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers74:24
3Leanne LeClaireMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club85:37
4Leonie AndersenMTB Score 90 minCAS Q85:43
5Nick AllanMTB Score 90 minMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers88:15
6Karen BeathMTB Score 90 minMulti Terrain Bike Orienteers88:18
7Fiona CrossleyMTB Score 90 minSunshine Orienteers Club89:40
8Cooper BielbyMTB Score 90 minCAS Q91:57
9James HibberdMTB Score 90 min91:58
13Colby MckinneyMTB Score 90 minOrienteering Queensland92:01
14Lynley MurtaghMTB Score 90 min92:03
--Henry MilneMTB Score 90 minDNF
--Mark and Felix SmithMTB Score 90 minMulti Terrain Bike OrienteersDNF
Foot Long
1Gary FlynnFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club26:32
2Brent McsharryFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club30:32
3Brendan HenryFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club31:37
4Ross McGinnisFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club34:36
5Becky ShelfordFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club34:42
6Kate FarmerFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club34:55
7Clara McSharryFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club40:39
8Glenn BlairFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club51:52
9Christina FiduciosoFoot LongSunshine Orienteers Club57:36
10Ewan SteyerFoot Long83:44
--Yosuke YagamiFoot LongSunshine Orienteers ClubMP
Foot Short
1Clay SmithFoot Short47:43
--Neve McSharryFoot ShortSunshine Orienteers ClubMP

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers