Toukley 2 Days - Pairs Score

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Provisional Results at Sunday 13 March 7:55PM
Short Score
1Eszter KocsikShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers33:49
3Istvan KerteszShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers41:57
5Andrea LuxShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers45:47
9Ross BarrShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers46:35
14Robyn PallasShort Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers55:28
17Julia PrudhoeShort Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers67:50
20Rudi LandsiedelShort Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club74:50
7Jose ZapataShort Pair ScoreRed Roos46:08
8Phoebe DentShort Pair ScoreRed Roos46:10
11Robert PrestonShort Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club48:17
15Maria OrrShort Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club66:32
15Peter OrrShort Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club66:32
2Arpad KocsikShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers33:50
3Nikolett HalmaiShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers41:57
5Lena BaracsiShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers45:47
10Warwick SelbyShort Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers46:36
12David McGheeShort Pair ScoreBennelong Northside Orienteers48:19
13Gordon WilsonShort Pair ScoreBennelong Northside Orienteers55:26
18Paul PrudhoeShort Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers67:52
19David BowermanShort Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers74:49
1Deborah DicksonShort ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers65:04
Long Score
3Oskar MellaLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club43:21
7Brenton RaceLong Pair ScoreCAS N51:01
18Joel PutnamLong Pair ScoreBennelong Northside Orienteers89:50
5Jennifer EnderbyLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club48:39
8Andrew SmithLong Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers53:35
10Damien EnderbyLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club61:28
12Justine de Remy de CourcellesLong Pair ScoreWestern and Hills Orienteers64:34
13Mark SchaeferLong Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers77:54
15Steven RobertsLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club83:37
20Melissa RobertsonLong Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers125:32
4Mikayla EnderbyLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club45:43
6Erika EnderbyLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club48:42
9Toni BachvarovaLong Pair ScoreGaringal Orienteers53:38
11Vivien de Remy de CourcellesLong Pair ScoreWestern and Hills Orienteers64:33
14Ken SchaeferLong Pair ScoreCAS N77:56
16Colin PriceLong Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers83:38
1Justin StaffordLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club35:01
17Brett SewellLong Pair ScoreBennelong Northside Orienteers89:46
19Kelly MurphyLong Pair ScoreCentral Coast Orienteers125:31
2Bjorn MellaLong Pair ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club43:20

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers