Summergong2-16 Feb 19

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Provisional Results at Saturday 2 March 8:31PM
1Kenny Mills and Josh MannixGroup 42:06
2Cameron WillJMIKO42:54
3David GreenMasters MIKO48:09
4Sam HillOpen M 48:36
5Drew PullenMasters M 50:14
6Russell BlatchfordMasters MIKO60:36
7James StuartMasters MIKO64:20
1Ian FroudeMasters MIKO33:24
2Megan RayOpen W 42:40
3Mitchell RayOpen M 42:41
4Sally and Di HillGroup 46:02
5Sue FroudeMasters WIKO48:56
6Kirrilee RussellMasters M 50:27
7Dick OgilvieMasters MUR55:41
8Chris and James KearnsSub J Mens 73:28
9Eunice Wilson and JimGroupIKO78:35
1Cooper AndersonSub J MensIKO14:51
2Mitchell RayOpen M 14:56
3Keith JayMasters MIKO14:57
3Megan RayOpen W 14:57
5Matt Ryan and Gemma RyanGroupIKO18:53
6Maureen OgilvieMasters WUR26:52
7Flynn AndersonSub J MensIKO27:29
8Billy GreenSub J MensIKO27:53

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers