Summer Sat 2016 No6

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Provisional Results at Saturday 26 May 4:40PM
M Score
1Trent BlincoM Score 30000:34:58300
1Angus SheddenM ScoreSH30000:34:37300
3Lachlan BrooksM ScoreSH28000:44:54280
3Steve CooperM Score 300200:46:08280
5Peter TuttyM ScoreWH27000:43:26270
6David SquiresM ScoreSH26000:43:40260
7Stephan WagnerM ScoreSH24000:40:41240
7Adam BrooksM ScoreSH24000:40:04240
9Peter MeyerM ScoreSH18000:38:36180
9Michael HanrattyM ScoreGO18000:38:06180
9K Boon & B HuntM Score 18000:37:38180
12Ron PallasM ScoreUR15000:34:45150
13Gideon MeischkeM Score 13000:30:04130
14Neville FathersM ScoreSH150900:53:4960
W Score
1Ruth SheddenW ScoreSH27000:40:53270
2Demi SmithW Score 23000:43:45230
2Abbey SmithW Score 23000:43:43230
4Trudy & Indianna WeastellW Score 22000:37:35220
5Cathy PerriW ScoreSH20000:42:01200
6Gayle ShepherdW ScoreUR18000:37:08180
7Raewyn ChapmanW ScoreSH170100:45:35160
8Lyn MalmgronW ScoreSH170200:46:11150
9Dianne PittmanW ScoreSH1601100:55:0550
M Easy
1Jai CooperM Easy 0:13:12
2Toby DrinnanM Easy 0:13:14
3Brooklyn HuntM Easy 0:14:25
4Kurtis BoonM Easy 0:14:26
5Rory SheddenM EasySH0:15:09
6Ethan BrooksM EasySH0:15:32
7Myles BrooksM EasySH0:16:55
8Nat CarrollM EasySH0:17:15
9Francis MeischkeM Easy 0:24:26
10Bonnie and HaydenM Easy 0:29:50
11Marbecc and Keean WebbM Easy 0:33:20
W Easy
1Angel MeischkeW Easy 0:24:17
2Ailie CarrollW Easy 0:29:58
3Victoria DennisW Easy 0:34:27
4Rebecca HayW EasySH0:49:46
--Family MooreW Easy MP

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers