Highlands Forest Series #3 2020

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Provisional Results at Sunday 11 October 4:36PM
1Rory SheddenM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers29:18
2Ellis SquiresM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers35:56
3Euan SheddenM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers45:01
1Allira HoganW EasyCAS N46:23
2Laura LarumbeW EasyCAS N50:01
3Anela SibilaW EasyCAS N50:10
4Felix KontosM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers52:27
4Sarhn McArthur-GumbleyW EasyCAS N52:36
5Willow GumbleyW EasyCAS N53:20
5Andre SavoieM EasyCAS N56:43
6Heather DyerW Easy57:36
6Caleb DyerM Easy58:22
7Charlie MatchettM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers63:25
7Sophie CumminsW EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers65:01
8Emma DyerW Easy74:12
9Maureen OgilvieW EasyUringa Orienteers75:01
10Angel MeischkeW EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers103:36
--Alienor SavoieW EasyCAS NMP
--Francis MeischkeM EasySouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
--Greg SavoieM EasyCAS NMP
--Hugh WilliamsonM EasySouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
--Kyra NerelloW EasyCAS NMP
1John McGannM ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers59:04
2Ben JohnsonM Moderate62:33
1Elizabeth LewisW ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers62:34
3Martin CroninM ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers76:02
2Miriam MeischkeW ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers81:54
4Geoffrey WilliamsM ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers90:15
5Taine CassarM ModerateWestern and Hills Orienteers96:03
6Michael ThomsonM ModerateCAS N101:47
3Michele JacksonW ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers113:53
--Anela LauraW ModerateMP
--Dan MurrayM ModerateSouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
--Maggie MackayW ModerateUringa OrienteersMP
Short Hard
1Ruth SheddenW Short HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers44:18
1David SquiresM Short HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers61:28
2Luca SquiresW Short HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers62:23
3Sandra StewartW Short HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers65:34
2Peter MeyerM Short HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers66:47
3Dick OgilvieM Short HardUringa Orienteers76:45
4Barbara DawsonW Short HardGaringal Orienteers77:15
4Stephen HollowayM Short HardIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers117:02
Long Hard
1Ewan ShinglerM Long HardBig Foot Orienteers45:08
2Angus SheddenM Long HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers55:44
1Nea ShinglerW Long HardBig Foot Orienteers58:19
3Craig RoachM Long HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers58:49
4Shane DoyleM Long HardUringa Orienteers61:51
5Andy SimpsonM Long HardBig Foot Orienteers64:25
2Serena DoyleW Long HardUringa Orienteers65:57
3Paula ShinglerW Long HardBig Foot Orienteers69:42
6John BrayanM Long HardGaringal Orienteers75:46
4Niamh CassarW Long HardWestern and Hills Orienteers78:11
7Bob MorganM Long HardBennelong Northside Orienteers82:04
8Ben CumminsM Long HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers83:15
9Serje RobidouxM Long HardUringa Orienteers87:46
5Carolyn HauptW Long HardGaringal Orienteers91:54
6Melanie ChristieW Long HardUringa Orienteers97:23
10David ChristieM Long HardUringa Orienteers99:32
11Titus MurrayM Long HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers101:38
12Jim MackayM Long HardUringa Orienteers101:46
13Dan RedfernM Long HardGaringal Orienteers103:00
14John FitzsimmonsM Long HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers110:16
15Johnny PetersenM Long HardGaringal Orienteers112:58
16Karl SpackmanM Long HardBig Foot Orienteers122:11

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers