NOY6 - Ryhope

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Provisional Results at Sunday 25 July 1:03PM
Very Easy
1Baxter PeelVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club27:07
2Griffin SmithVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club32:16
3James ThompsonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club35:43
4Connie MostVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club36:44
5Johnny Moloney and Eddie MorissonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club44:18
6Frankie KellyVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club44:56
7Richard Emma and Lara MurphyVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club50:19
8Sophia MostVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club58:39
9Harriet ThompsonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club62:50
--Baxter PeelVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Toby Pippa WoodyVery EasyCAS NMP
1Karen MoranteEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club36:52
2Zoe TseEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club43:59
3Joe and Sam NewtonEasyCAS N44:03
4Warren TseEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club44:44
5Nadia and Peter Daniel Stone TruningerEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club45:16
6Ulrika SandbergEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club46:09
7Hughett SmithEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club49:03
8Jane HolmesEasyCAS N56:37
9Edwina Archer and Greg NewtonEasyCAS N56:51
10Eleanor ThompsonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club108:17
11Tyson and Alva Drewe and Mia Nick RookEasyCAS N111:02
--Emma and Jane WebbEasyCAS NMP
Moderate Short
1Lucy MostMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club34:21
2Caleb TaplinMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club39:05
3Joy TaplinMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club47:57
4Kelly KurtzMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:10
5Tim HackneyMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club61:13
6Carol PearceMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club66:50
7Kay HaarsmaMod ShortTintookies Orienteers67:00
8Chris WelbourneMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club75:38
9Lyn RaywardMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club104:04
10Irene Michael and Hugh JonesMod ShortCAS N110:05
11Clara Balcells and Annie LacombeMod ShortCAS N117:25
--Anna and Zach NoonMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Ryder and Woolley familiesMod ShortCAS NMP
Moderate Long
1Keith Cassiles SouthgateMod LongCAS N28:16
2Graeme HillMod LongCAS N38:14
3Graeme TaplinMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club39:50
4Ian Gray and Gary SherriffMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club40:07
5Melissa Daly and Amanda Mayfield-SmithMod LongCAS N44:18
6Tom LemonMod LongCAS N52:39
7Ginaya DunnMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club53:18
8Eduardo MeruviaMod LongCAS N54:54
9Mark WebbMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club80:59
10Samantha MellaMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club83:23
11Bruce GrahamMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club83:53
12Frances and Candice Sherriff WilsonMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club94:54
13Zoe WebbMod LongCAS N96:52
14Digby RaywardMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club107:35
15Paul CollaMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club167:43
--Ryan PuklowskiMod LongCAS NMP
Hard Short
1Carolyn MatthewsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club38:17
2Tommy MellaHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club40:26
3Tony WelbourneHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club48:49
4Claire BurgessHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club53:16
5Geoff PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club53:41
6Sally-Anne TodkillHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club54:32
7Cassandra ThompsonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club54:44
8Margaret PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:25
9Aaron SmithHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club65:01
10Katherine DynonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club65:45
11Joy GuyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club65:51
12Peter BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club68:03
13Caroline JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:25
14Bridget WhiteheadHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club72:20
15Grant and Isabel DohertyHard ShortCAS N78:15
16Warren QuiltyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club81:20
17Viola O'ConnorHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club85:49
18Andrea HackneyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club86:15
19Toy MartinHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club108:35
20Carolyn RigbyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club112:56
21Sharon BurgessHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club123:04
22Ingrid OblasserHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club124:52
23Cynthia Isley and Narelle ArblasterHard ShortCAS N137:20
--Paul KillenHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Rebecca CraigHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Medium
1Erika EnderbyHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club48:52
2Glenn BurgessHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club50:38
3Damien EnderbyHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club54:40
4Andrew PowerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club61:51
5Malcolm RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club62:05
6Mikayla EnderbyHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club63:33
7Geoff TodkillHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club68:44
8Shane JenkinsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club71:41
9Samantha HoweHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club73:35
10Andrew KillenHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club73:40
11Jim LeeHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club76:28
12Bronwyn StaffordHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club89:25
13Eric and Toma BesuijenHard MedCAS N99:55
--Tim TewHard MedNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Long
1Stephen CraigHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club44:47
2Oskar MellaHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club50:10
3Robert VincentHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club54:11
4Scott SimsonHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club54:39
5Steven TodkillHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club56:25
6Justin StaffordHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club57:19
7Stuart KurtzHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club60:55
8Jennifer EnderbyHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club68:04
9Bjorn MellaHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club69:37
10Arthur KingslandHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club83:52
11Martina CraigHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club83:57

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers