NOY5 - Richmond Vale

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Provisional Results at Sunday 11 July 1:05PM
Very Easy
1Baxter PeelVENewcastle Orienteering Club13:29
2Evelyn MostVENewcastle Orienteering Club14:55
3James ThompsonVENewcastle Orienteering Club20:21
4Hannah StaffordVENewcastle Orienteering Club20:46
5Koen StaffordVENewcastle Orienteering Club21:04
6Connie MostVENewcastle Orienteering Club21:15
7Griffin SmithVENewcastle Orienteering Club21:21
8Frankie and Joe KellyVENewcastle Orienteering Club21:59
9Sophia MostVENewcastle Orienteering Club22:51
10Harriet ThompsonVENewcastle Orienteering Club32:44
1Tom LemonECAS N20:21
2Karen MoranteENewcastle Orienteering Club21:25
3Hughett SmithENewcastle Orienteering Club23:37
4Warren TseENewcastle Orienteering Club24:32
5Maya KellyENewcastle Orienteering Club27:12
6Zoe TseENewcastle Orienteering Club27:38
7Kai MetcalfeECAS N36:14
8Mark Jane Emma and Zoe WebbECAS N45:17
9Eleanor ThompsonENewcastle Orienteering Club48:29
Moderate Short
1Lucy MostMSNewcastle Orienteering Club25:16
2Carol PearceMSNewcastle Orienteering Club26:08
3Nathan and Toby RyderMSCAS N40:26
4Joy TaplinMSNewcastle Orienteering Club44:28
5Tim HackneyMSNewcastle Orienteering Club46:37
6Lisa Havas and Simon RyderMSCAS N61:48
7Alba Tyson and Clara DreweMSCAS N113:41
Moderate Long
1Graeme TaplinMLNewcastle Orienteering Club34:59
2Harry CarterMLNewcastle Orienteering Club41:24
3Bruce GrahamMLNewcastle Orienteering Club41:26
4Graeme HillMLCAS N41:55
5Sean SmithMLGoldseekers Orienteers43:41
6Ginaya DunnMLNewcastle Orienteering Club44:40
7Digby RaywardMLNewcastle Orienteering Club63:58
8Stacey BryceMLGaringal Orienteers74:53
9Paul CollaMLNewcastle Orienteering Club76:01
--Eduardo MeruviaMLCAS NMP
Hard Short
1William ThompsonHSNewcastle Orienteering Club32:41
2Carolyn MatthewsHSNewcastle Orienteering Club34:02
3Claire BurgessHSNewcastle Orienteering Club38:18
4Tony WelbourneHSNewcastle Orienteering Club40:00
5Geoff PeelHSNewcastle Orienteering Club40:29
6Sally-Anne TodkillHSNewcastle Orienteering Club43:43
7Aaron SmithHSNewcastle Orienteering Club44:32
8Cassandra ThompsonHSNewcastle Orienteering Club45:30
9Peter BerkholzHSNewcastle Orienteering Club46:20
10Rebecca CraigHSNewcastle Orienteering Club46:38
11Joy GuyHSNewcastle Orienteering Club46:47
12Andrea HackneyHSNewcastle Orienteering Club48:02
13Isabel and Grant DohertyHSCAS N48:41
14Katherine DynonHSNewcastle Orienteering Club52:02
15Warren QuiltyHSNewcastle Orienteering Club57:40
16Viola O'ConnorHSNewcastle Orienteering Club57:58
17Carolyn ChalmersHSNewcastle Orienteering Club57:59
18Margaret PeelHSNewcastle Orienteering Club59:07
19Bridget WhiteheadHSNewcastle Orienteering Club59:17
20Sharon BurgessHSNewcastle Orienteering Club59:24
21Carolyn RigbyHSNewcastle Orienteering Club60:14
22Ingrid OblasserHSNewcastle Orienteering Club65:14
23Peter OrrHSNewcastle Orienteering Club73:14
24Lynda HewsonHSCAS N76:16
25Maria OrrHSNewcastle Orienteering Club77:14
26Narelle Arblaster and Cynthia IsleyHSCAS N79:41
27Paul KillenHSNewcastle Orienteering Club92:39
28Chris WelbourneHSNewcastle Orienteering Club96:55
29Lyn RaywardHSNewcastle Orienteering Club127:03
Hard Medium
1Erika EnderbyHMNewcastle Orienteering Club46:41
2Daniel OrrHMNewcastle Orienteering Club50:53
3Glenn BurgessHMNewcastle Orienteering Club52:45
4Martina CraigHMNewcastle Orienteering Club53:12
5Steven RobertsHMNewcastle Orienteering Club58:56
6Damien EnderbyHMNewcastle Orienteering Club60:04
7Malcolm RobertsHMNewcastle Orienteering Club63:56
8Mikayla EnderbyHMNewcastle Orienteering Club67:54
9Gayle QuantockHMNewcastle Orienteering Club68:31
10Tim TewHMNewcastle Orienteering Club75:57
11Samantha HoweHMNewcastle Orienteering Club76:40
12Jim LeeHMNewcastle Orienteering Club76:49
13David KitchenerHMNewcastle Orienteering Club77:35
14Tama and Eric BesuijenHMCAS N124:02
--Andrew KillenHMNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Bronwyn StaffordHMNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Long
1Stephen CraigHLNewcastle Orienteering Club52:26
2Scott SimsonHLNewcastle Orienteering Club66:33
3Justin StaffordHLNewcastle Orienteering Club68:59
4Robert VincentHLNewcastle Orienteering Club71:45
5Jennifer EnderbyHLNewcastle Orienteering Club77:58
6Steven TodkillHLNewcastle Orienteering Club80:42
7Shane TrotterHLNewcastle Orienteering Club93:49
8Arthur KingslandHLNewcastle Orienteering Club101:25

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers