RBOS6 Ashbury

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Provisional Results at Sunday 6 December 6:02PM
1Alon GudesShort LineUringa Orienteers16:13
2Maureen OgilvieShort LineUringa Orienteers26:49
3Jane BolandShort LineUringa Orienteers31:58
4Sarah MacriShort LineUringa Orienteers32:01
5Charlotte RobertsShort LineUringa Orienteers32:02
6Ben UlizziShort LineUringa Orienteers160:11
1Ori GudesMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers27:24
1Frances RichardsWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers31:34
2Gabe PhillipsMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers32:22
3Mitchell GrubitsMen Medium Line34:19
2Barbara DawsonWomen Medium LineGaringal Orienteers34:25
3Maggie MackayWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers36:06
4Helen MurphyWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers36:20
4Brian ClelandMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers37:12
5Harrison GrubitsMen Medium Line37:58
5Sue FroudeWomen Medium LineIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers38:55
6Margaret DuguidWomen Medium LineIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers41:39
6Dick OgilvieMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers49:32
7Angus van SchaikMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers53:12
7Mary Jane MahonyWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers58:39
8Xiaohui Sherry ZouWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers58:47
8Benjamin MoMen Medium LineUringa Orienteers58:57
9Sally ZouWomen Medium LineUringa Orienteers59:06
9Cubs Group 1Men Medium Line95:06
10Cubs Group 2Men Medium Line98:01
10Louise BrooksWomen Medium LineSouthern Highlands Orienteers175:02
1Aidan DawsonMen Long LineGaringal Orienteers26:50
2Ant NolanMen Long LineUringa Orienteers29:27
3Rupert RobinsonMen Long LineUringa Orienteers32:03
4Kelvin MengMen Long LineUringa Orienteers33:41
5John McGannMen Long LineSouthern Highlands Orienteers36:19
6John MurrayMen Long LineWestern and Hills Orienteers36:36
7Henry OrozcoMen Long LineUringa Orienteers36:51
8Justin MurrayMen Long LineWestern and Hills Orienteers39:15
9Miles EllisMen Long LineBig Foot Orienteers42:12
10Giuseppe SerpentinoMen Long LineUringa Orienteers42:59
11Ted WoodleyMen Long LineGaringal Orienteers49:41
1Melanie ChristieWomen Long LineUringa Orienteers50:20
12Matt PetersMen Long LineUringa Orienteers54:38
2Thuy HoWomen Long LineBig Foot Orienteers63:59
13Paul ColemanMen Long LineCAS N184:00
--Giovanni UlizziWomen Long LineUringa OrienteersMP
9Timothy WhiteMen Score400001:09400
12Pat McPhersonMen Score380012:45380
1Simon MurphyMen ScoreUringa Orienteers620034:30620
13Jack UlizziMen ScoreUringa Orienteers190037:06190
2Glenn HaywardMen ScoreIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers620041:10620
3Linda SestaWomen ScoreUringa Orienteers550042:25550
6Stephanie MurphyWomen Score520042:27520
8Sophie LobseyWomen Score260043:23260
6Robert PrenticeMen ScoreNewcastle Orienteering Club570044:22570
4Istvan GrubitsMen Score580044:30580
4Angela VeerhuisWomen Score540044:35540
8Jim MackayMen ScoreUringa Orienteers430044:38430
10Martin CroninMen ScoreSouthern Highlands Orienteers400044:43400
7Amy LinssenWomen ScoreBig Foot Orienteers450044:44450
11Keith GoodeMen ScoreBig Foot Orienteers400545:02395
5Phil LobseyMen Score580545:28575
1Rochelle CoxWomen ScoreGaringal Orienteers620545:54615
2Zoe MellingWomen ScoreUringa Orienteers5801046:47570
7Rafid MorshediMen Score5601046:49550
9Heidi van SchaikWomen ScoreUringa Orienteers2701547:03255
3Benjamin SmithMen Score6102048:48590
14Gary GloverMen ScoreGaringal Orienteers02048:530
5Angela HaynesWomen ScoreBig Foot Orienteers5703551:23535

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers