O'Shea 2019 - Score

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Provisional Results at Monday 4 March 10:44AM
Long Pairs
1Stephen CraigLong PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club33:35
2Alvin CraigLong PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club33:36
3Nicole MealingLong PairsBig Foot Orienteers36:20
4Andrew BrownLong PairsBig Foot Orienteers36:21
5Toni BachvarovaLong PairsGaringal Orienteers37:44
5Andrew SmithLong PairsGaringal Orienteers37:44
7Istvan KerteszLong PairsGaringal Orienteers38:56
8Nikolett HalmaiLong PairsGaringal Orienteers38:57
9Mark SchaeferLong PairsCentral Coast Orienteers 40:51
10Ken SchaeferLong Pairs 40:52
11David BowermanLong PairsCentral Coast Orienteers 52:43
12Hilary WoodLong PairsCentral Coast Orienteers 52:45
13Jason RutkowskiLong PairsGoldseekers Orienteers69:29
13Henry RutkowskiLong PairsGoldseekers Orienteers69:29
Short Pairs
1Rebecca CraigShort PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club32:44
2Martina CraigShort PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club32:46
3Clyde McGheeShort PairsBennelong Northside Orienteers 33:19
4David McGheeShort PairsBennelong Northside Orienteers 33:20
5Aniko Fozo-KerteszShort PairsGaringal Orienteers39:34
6Peter FozoShort PairsGaringal Orienteers39:36
7Paul PrudhoeShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers43:04
8Julia PrudhoeShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers43:05
9Ross BarrShort PairsGaringal Orienteers44:31
10Warwick SelbyShort PairsGaringal Orienteers44:32
11Aurelie ValaisShort PairsWestern and Hills Orienteers46:24
12Martine ValaisShort PairsWestern and Hills Orienteers46:27
13Robyn PallasShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers47:36
14Gordon WilsonShort PairsBennelong Northside Orienteers 47:37
15Luke WilmottShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers50:01
16Terry HuntShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers50:02
17John BulmanShort PairsGaringal Orienteers53:46
18Elizabeth BulmanShort PairsGaringal Orienteers53:49
19Maria OrrShort PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club55:53
20Peter OrrShort PairsNewcastle Orienteering Club55:54
21Heather KentShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers60:43
22Ivan KentShort PairsCentral Coast Orienteers60:44
23Dennis SparlingShort PairsGaringal Orienteers64:11
24Ian MillerShort PairsWestern and Hills Orienteers64:12
25Bryony CoxShort PairsGaringal Orienteers70:16
26Tim CoxShort PairsGaringal Orienteers70:18
Long Indiv
1Ian McKenzieLong IndivUringa Orienteers106:06
Short Indiv
1Vince FarkasShort Indiv 80038:5480
2Constance ValaisShort IndivWestern and Hills Orienteers60043:1660
2Ann FongShort Indiv 60045:0160
4Sylvie ValaisShort IndivWestern and Hills Orienteers40043:1840

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers