NOY6 - Richmond Vale

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Provisional Results at Sunday 16 July 12:19PM
Very Easy
1Hayley JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club21:05
2Lucy JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club22:11
3Alyse NewtonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club23:17
4James ThompsonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club24:52
5Julian AltmannVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club29:48
6Zoe TaplinVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club34:58
--Isabel LambleVery EasyCAS NMP
1Isobel NewtonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club17:13
2Presley Scouller-EvansEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club20:37
3Harriet ThompsonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club25:15
4Eddie HuttleyEasyCAS N29:25
5Max AltmannEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club31:54
6Carl O'ConnorEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club31:55
7Ashmita Desai and Aadhya NandaEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club42:58
Moderate Short
1Greg P NewtonMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club15:01
2Baxter PeelMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club19:30
3Andrea HackneyMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club39:54
4Sally QuillMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club44:13
5Greg Lyn and Taj EngelsMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:11
6Joy TaplinMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:25
--Allan HillMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Moderate Long
1Shane HunterMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club34:17
2Graeme TaplinMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club35:58
3Graeme HillMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club41:40
4Chris O'NeillMod LongCAS N48:47
5Siena CoxMod LongCAS N53:21
6Harry CarterMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club56:35
7Bruce GrahamMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club57:04
8Andrew DabsonMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club73:08
9Peta and Peter ForderMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club95:08
10Robert MontgomeryMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club104:44
11Peter ThompsonMod Long109:04
12Linda SalwayMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers109:06
13Paul KillenMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club116:26
Hard Short
1Carolyn MatthewsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club40:25
2Shane JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club41:49
3Geoff PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club43:51
4Rudi LandsiedelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club45:22
5Geoff TodkillHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club45:50
6Ian DempseyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club52:05
7Margaret PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club58:44
8Caroline JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:50
9Graham FowlerHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club62:30
10Gayle QuantockHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club63:13
11Tim TewHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club65:52
12Peter OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club68:45
13Naomi ScoullerHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club69:11
14Diana CharltonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club72:25
15Maria OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club72:45
16Joy GuyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club75:17
17Jim ForbesHard ShortGaringal Orienteers76:47
18David BowermanHard ShortCentral Coast Orienteers85:47
19Viola O'ConnorHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club89:18
20Carolyn ChalmersHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club89:56
21Denis LyonsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club93:22
22Ingrid OblasserHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club96:23
23Pamela MontgomeryHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club100:01
24Deborah DicksonHard ShortCentral Coast Orienteers120:36
--Bill ThompsonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Tony WelbourneHard ShortOrienteering NSWMP
--Toy MartinHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Medium
1Caleb TaplinHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club55:29
2Glenn BurgessHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club58:07
3Andrew PowerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club64:41
4Emile AltmannHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club66:21
5Samantha HoweHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club72:13
6Ross BarrHard MedGaringal Orienteers77:09
7Jim LeeHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club82:49
8Adrian PlaskittHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club88:25
9Jeff ApitzHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club125:13
Hard Long
1Alex MasseyHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club57:09
2Justin StaffordHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club68:37
3Scott SimsonHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club70:51
4Shane TrotterHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club78:34
5Isaac HillHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club91:58

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers