NOY2 - O'Donnelltown

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Provisional Results at Sunday 1 May 1:15PM
Very Easy
1Atticus DunnVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club18:44
2Carl O'ConnorVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club19:09
3Hannah StaffordVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club22:46
3Koen StaffordVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club22:46
5David KocsikVery EasyGaringal Orienteers26:41
6Max AltmannVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club29:19
7Archer DunnVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club31:21
8Griffin SmithVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club31:30
9Clara WelbourneVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club32:12
10Presley Scouller-EvansVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club34:52
11Isaac and Melinda MasonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club36:33
12Hayley JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club49:33
13Lucy JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club49:42
1Joe NewtonEasyCAS N38:33
2Baxter PeelEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club43:52
3Archer NewtonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club44:35
4Sam Edwina and Greg NewtonEasyCAS N49:00
5Jessica DunEasyHastings Orienteering Group49:01
--Hughett SmithEasyNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Moderate Short
1Warren TseMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club57:54
2Naomi ScoullerMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:09
3Sam BaileyMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club72:55
4Zoe WebbMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club80:31
5Joy TaplinMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club108:02
6Chris WelbourneMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club115:02
Moderate Long
1Lena BaracsiMod LongGaringal Orienteers45:48
2Graeme TaplinMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club55:24
3Greg BaconMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club57:10
4Harry CarterMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club61:34
5Bruce GrahamMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club61:40
6Bert van NettenMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club65:36
7Andrew DunMod LongHastings Orienteering Group67:25
8Jeff ApitzMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club76:21
9Kelly MurphyMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers85:13
10Aaron Gehl Hudson Lee and Liam SteffensMod LongCAS N87:47
11Jane WebbMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club115:09
12Mark WebbMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club115:23
13Rowena GehlMod LongCAS N127:46
14Deborah DicksonMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers133:18
14Linda SalwayMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers133:18
16Eduardo MeruviaMod Long303:01
--Lyn RaywardMod LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Stephanie DunMod LongHastings Orienteering GroupMP
--Tim HackneyMod LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Short
1Carolyn MatthewsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:52
2Margaret PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club72:33
3Geoff PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club74:49
4Tim TewHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club78:14
5Caroline JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club86:50
6Graham FowlerHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club87:19
7Peter OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club89:02
8Toy MartinHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club93:50
9Maria OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club97:57
10Aaron SmithHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club102:55
11Andrea HackneyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club107:00
12Peter BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club110:10
13Sally-Anne TodkillHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club110:48
14Viola O'ConnorHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club133:31
15Narelle and Pierryck ArblasterHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club146:16
16Ingrid OblasserHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club154:24
17Sharon BurgessHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club165:06
18David BowermanHard ShortCentral Coast Orienteers179:59
--Amylee RobertsonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Bob GilbertHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Bronwyn StaffordHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Carolyn RigbyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Lynda HewsonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Warren QuiltyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Diana CharltonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubDNF
--Nathan BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubDNF
Hard Medium
1Eszter KocsikHard MedGaringal Orienteers59:36
2Damien EnderbyHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club62:29
3Daniel OrrHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club64:15
4Arpad KocsikHard MedGaringal Orienteers66:29
5Malcolm RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club68:40
6Steven RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club72:16
7Peter CharltonHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club78:55
8Samantha HoweHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club80:31
9Glenn BurgessHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club81:27
10Shane JenkinsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club94:50
11Jim LeeHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club96:22
12Adrian PlaskittHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club104:01
13Andrea LuxHard MedGaringal Orienteers104:13
14Rudi LandsiedelHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club107:28
15Ian DempseyHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club110:19
16Gayle QuantockHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club111:33
17Michael HalmyHard MedBennelong Northside Orienteers115:35
18Landon ArthurHard MedCAS N115:54
19Andrew KillenHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club118:55
20Ginaya DunnHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club138:07
--Andrew PowerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Edith and Connie ChowHard MedGaringal OrienteersMP
--Katy Eddey (Lillyman)Hard MedCAS NMP
--Mattijs SpieringsHard MedBennelong Northside OrienteersMP
--Ryan PuklowskiHard MedNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Long
1Oskar MellaHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club59:56
2Justin StaffordHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club64:57
3Robert VincentHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club69:34
4Steven TodkillHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club74:51
5Scott SimsonHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club75:41
6Stuart KurtzHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club81:41
7Jennifer EnderbyHard LongNSW Stingers86:26
8Arthur KingslandHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club127:14
9Melissa RobertsonHard LongCentral Coast Orienteers182:31
--Justin GoodwinHard LongCentral Coast OrienteersMP
--Philip EddeyHard LongCAS NMP

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers