NOY3 - Missing Link [Elrington)

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Provisional Results at Sunday 5 May 1:04PM
Very Easy
1Lucy JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club19:45
2Hayley JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club19:50
3Ben O'ConnorVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club29:19
4Julian AltmannVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club29:20
5Daisy and Tennyson PetzerVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club52:51
1Helge Soegaard and Elizabeth JensenEasyRold skov ok34:49
2Carl O'ConnorEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club45:09
3Max AltmannEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club45:22
Moderate Short
1Presley Scouller-EvansMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club35:22
2Susan DayMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:46
Moderate Long
1Baxter PeelMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club25:40
2Graeme TaplinMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club33:40
3Felicity WhiteheadMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club46:06
4Bridget WhiteheadMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club54:42
5Graeme HillMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club59:22
6Nicole GallaharMod LongGaringal Orienteers78:25
7Linda SalwayMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers119:58
--Rebekah PetzerMod LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
Hard Short
1Kendall O'ConnorHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club34:53
2Rebecca CraigHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club35:05
3Emile AltmannHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club41:39
4Caleb TaplinHard ShortCAS N42:06
5Jessica DunHard ShortHastings Orienteering Group45:04
6Carolyn MatthewsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club46:04
7Tony WelbourneHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club46:20
8Margaret PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club48:58
9Geoff PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club50:25
10Nathan BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club50:41
11Naomi ScoullerHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club54:39
12Caroline JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club55:35
13Peter BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club56:48
14Tim TewHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club62:03
15Peter OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club63:46
16Maria OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club69:13
17Alexander ReevesHard ShortCAS N71:54
18Joy GuyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club74:53
19Denis LyonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club93:07
20Toy MartinHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club101:33
Hard Medium
1Joshua BlatchfordHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club44:25
2Martina CraigHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club53:07
3Andrew HaighHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club54:36
4Glenn BurgessHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club56:24
5Linda SestaHard MedUringa Orienteers61:03
6Malcolm RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club62:46
7Samantha HoweHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club63:55
8Shane JenkinsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club68:02
9Nicole HaighHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club68:59
10Stephanie DunHard MedHastings Orienteering Group70:18
11Andrew PowerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club73:04
12Brook MartinHard MedGaringal Orienteers74:08
13Gayle QuantockHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club74:55
14Adrian PlaskittHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club82:44
15Jim LeeHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club83:45
16David PetzerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club84:08
17Andrew DunHard MedHastings Orienteering Group95:41
Hard Long
1Stephen CraigHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club55:58
2Alex MasseyHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club59:13
3Erika EnderbyHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club66:50
4Matthew BrownHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club77:44
5Shane TrotterHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club78:24
6Katie EddeyHard LongCAS N102:14
7Jason HollardHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club111:10
8Paul SharpHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club184:33
--Justin StaffordHard LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Stuart KurtzHard LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers