Metroleague 1 Grays Point

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Provisional Results at Sunday 22 May 12:08PM
Division 1
1Jock DavisDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers46:46
2Cooper HorleyDivision 1Garingal Orienteers48:37
3Nea ShinglerDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers52:08
4James McQuillanDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers52:32
5Glenn HorrocksDivision 1Garingal Orienteers52:34
6Ant BurnettDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers56:24
7Craig RoachDivision 1Southern Highlands Orienteers57:08
8Richard MountstephensDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers57:47
9Vivien de Remy de CourcellesDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers59:10
10Andrew SmithDivision 1Garingal Orienteers59:31
11Ryan ArmstrongDivision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers61:35
12Benjamin HanleyDivision 163:59
13Douglas JayDivision 1Southern Highlands Orienteers66:51
14Michael Ridley-SmithDivision 1Garingal Orienteers69:51
15Seth SweeneyDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers70:05
16Rebecca GeorgeDivision 1Big Foot Orienteers70:27
17Selwyn SweeneyDivision 1Western and Hills Orienteers70:44
18Ant NolanDivision 1Uringa Orienteers73:27
19Michael WarltersDivision 1Uringa Orienteers73:43
20Toni BachvarovaDivision 1Garingal Orienteers76:35
21Ian McKenzieDivision 1Uringa Orienteers80:25
22Zoe MellingDivision 1Uringa Orienteers126:32
--Sylvie ValaisSpectatorWestern and Hills OrienteersMP
Division 2
1Hamish MackieDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers44:45
2Lee CoadyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers46:38
3Peter AnnettsDivision 2Garingal Orienteers52:21
4Curtis PepperDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers53:07
5Simon GeorgeDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers53:23
6Zara DoyleDivision 2Uringa Orienteers54:35
7Serena DoyleDivision 2Uringa Orienteers55:25
8Nick StanleyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers55:43
9Aidan DawsonDivision 256:20
10Mark ShinglerDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers57:07
11Adam HorleyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers58:07
12Darren SlatteryDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers58:13
13David BrayDivision 2Garingal Orienteers58:42
14Callum WalandDivision 2Knox Grammar School61:36
15Nick BarlowDivision 2Garingal Orienteers61:38
16Dan SmithDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers63:04
17Alex SmithDivision 2Knox Grammar School67:31
18Robert HayenDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers68:11
19Brett SewellDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers70:38
20Paula ShinglerDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers71:13
21John BrayanDivision 2Garingal Orienteers72:22
22Stewart HancockDivision 2Garingal Orienteers78:42
23Chris CatterallDivision 2Garingal Orienteers89:30
24Paul SweeneyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers94:22
25Jim MackayDivision 2Uringa Orienteers95:15
--Angus SkeenDivision 2Knox Grammar SchoolMP
--Stuart DeaneDivision 2Garingal OrienteersMP
Division 3
1Dave DorlingDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers37:40
2Miles EllisDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers38:54
3Sheralee BaileyDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers41:55
4Maggie MackayDivision 3Uringa Orienteers44:09
5Melissa JosephDivision 3Garingal Orienteers44:13
6Jonathan NolanDivision 3Uringa Orienteers44:28
7Ken MillsDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers47:46
8Andrew Mac DonaldDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers48:48
9Wayne PepperDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers48:50
10Melissa AnnettsDivision 3Garingal Orienteers49:12
11Ben CumminsDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers50:16
12Hilary WoodDivision 3Central Coast Orienteers50:57
13Jamie KennedyDivision 3Garingal Orienteers51:41
14Gordon WilsonDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers52:31
15Cesar Da rosaDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers52:36
16Jo ParrDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers52:49
17Linda SestaDivision 3Uringa Orienteers53:09
18Emmanuelle ConvertDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers54:18
19Melvyn CoxDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers56:29
20Nick DentDivision 3Central Coast Orienteers57:08
21Saffron SweeneyDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers62:07
22Nicola NyghDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers76:50
23John FitzsimmonsDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers85:40
--Gregory DominishDivision 3Garingal OrienteersMP
Division 4
1Kieran JosephDivision 4Garingal Orienteers41:06
2Savanna SweeneyDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers42:09
3John Le CarpentierDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers44:49
4Rodney ParkinDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers47:33
5Michael HalmyDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers47:54
6Karla BurnettDivision 4Garingal Orienteers49:38
7Lachlan CoadyDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers49:57
8Garry StewartDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers52:44
9Sharon LambertDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers53:06
10Stephan WagnerDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers53:23
11Ross BarrDivision 4Garingal Orienteers54:18
12Tania KennedyDivision 4Garingal Orienteers55:03
13Jay SeehoDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers55:54
14Dan RedfernDivision 4Garingal Orienteers63:08
15Ian JessupDivision 4Garingal Orienteers63:43
16Peter ThomasonDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers66:08
17Jim MerchantDivision 4Garingal Orienteers67:00
18Anthony SaundersDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers69:44
19Rochelle CoxDivision 4Garingal Orienteers77:59
20Barry HanlonDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers95:57
21Ron JunghansDivision 4Garingal Orienteers97:45
22Bob MorganDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers102:23
23Ken Strupitis-HaddrickDivision 4Garingal Orienteers104:37
--James StuartDivision 4Illawarra Kareelah OrienteersMP
--Paul ColemanDivision 4Uringa OrienteersMP
Division 5
1Katherine CameronDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers33:12
2Simon NashDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers34:12
3Terry BluettDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers37:57
4Matilda SaundersDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers38:36
5Julian LedgerDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers40:52
6Gayle ShepherdDivision 5Uringa Orienteers42:17
7Elizabeth LewisDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers43:20
8Samuel TsangDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers43:37
9Ron PallasDivision 5Uringa Orienteers48:02
10Sandra StewartDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers49:22
11Amanda MackieDivision 5Big Foot Orienteers50:34
12Ted MulherinDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers51:03
13Robert SpryDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers52:41
14Michael RoylanceDivision 5Big Foot Orienteers55:49
15Margaret DuguidDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers64:51
16Dave LottyDivision 5Uringa Orienteers73:45
17Janet MorrisDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers78:07
18Jane BolandDivision 5Uringa Orienteers78:46
19Alan GibsonDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers80:32
20Martin CroninDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers84:13
21Ashok ReddyDivision 5Knox Grammar School84:47
22Sean StephensonDivision 5Knox Grammar School100:17
--Peter BraineDivision 5Uringa OrienteersMP
1Hayley ColemanEasy35:56
2Hamiton KinneallyEasyWestern and Hills Orienteers41:33
--Tania HorrocksEasyGaringal OrienteersMP
Very Easy
1Aiden McQuillanVery EasyWestern and Hills Orienteers63:28
Division 6
1John BulmanDivision 6Garingal Orienteers24:59
2Barbara DawsonDivision 6Garingal Orienteers35:19
3Emmi de MestreDivision 6Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers36:42
4Shay SweeneyDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers38:15
5Stephanie NichollsDivision 6Garingal Orienteers39:55
6Elizabeth BulmanDivision 6Garingal Orienteers41:26
7Justine de Remy de CourcellesDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers44:24
8Ken JacobsonDivision 6Garingal Orienteers46:25
9Lyn MalmgronDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers54:54
10Kathy DraytonDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers58:04
11Simone JayDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers64:11
12Levi CoadyDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers67:55
13Louise BrooksDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers70:22
14Barbara JunghansDivision 6Garingal Orienteers72:00
15Anneke Strupitis-HaddrickDivision 6Garingal Orienteers87:45
16Luca WongDivision 6Uringa Orienteers100:34
17Cheryl BluettDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers294:59

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers