2023 Metro League #4 Aquatic Reserve

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ML 4

Provisional Results at Sunday 23 July 5:17PM
Division 1
1Cooper HorleyDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers34:11
2Thomas GordonDIvision 1Big Foot Orienteers36:47
3James McQuillanDIvision 1Western and Hills Orienteers37:10
3Seth SweeneyDIvision 1Western and Hills Orienteers37:10
5Nick StanleyDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers37:47
6Angus SheddenDIvision 1Southern Highlands Orienteers37:54
7Sebastian FroudeDIvision 1Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers39:28
8Richard MorrisDIvision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers40:47
9Ewan BarnettDIvision 1Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers41:04
10Alex HeadleyDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers45:57
11Thomas MountstephensDIvision 1Big Foot Orienteers46:23
12Dylan ShermanDIvision 1Big Foot Orienteers46:45
13Selwyn SweeneyDIvision 1Western and Hills Orienteers47:16
14Doug JayDIvision 1Southern Highlands Orienteers47:23
15Melissa ThomasDIvision 1Bennelong Northside Orienteers47:42
16Richard MountstephensDIvision 1Big Foot Orienteers49:02
17Michael Ridley-SmithDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers51:04
18Christopher FrainDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers54:21
19Glenn HorrocksDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers56:16
20Ian McKenzieDIvision 1Uringa Orienteers58:58
21Tim GilesDIvision 1Big Foot Orienteers59:34
22Edith ChowDIvision 1Garingal Orienteers82:11
23Tim PorrittDIvision 1Western and Hills Orienteers100:50
Division 2
1Curtis PepperDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers38:02
2Riley GraingerDivision 2Garingal Orienteers38:19
3Ryan ArmstrongDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers40:01
4Ant NolanDivision 2Uringa Orienteers41:19
5Stewart HancockDivision 2Garingal Orienteers41:34
6Liming ZhengDivision 2Garingal Orienteers42:17
7Aniko Fozo-KerteszDivision 2Garingal Orienteers42:43
8Sergey PikuzDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers43:29
9Lee CoadyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers44:12
10Karla BurnettDivision 2Garingal Orienteers44:42
11Jake EvansDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers45:19
12Stuart DeaneDivision 2Garingal Orienteers46:57
13Ant BurnettDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers47:11
14David BrayDivision 2Garingal Orienteers47:21
15Peter AnnettsDivision 2Garingal Orienteers47:28
16Savanna SweeneyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers47:50
17David StanleyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers48:37
18Lachlan CoadyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers49:33
19Lyra SimpsonDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers49:50
20Jim MackayDivision 2Uringa Orienteers50:49
21Miles EllisDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers51:14
22Adam HorleyDivision 2Garingal Orienteers57:27
23Paul SweeneyDivision 2Western and Hills Orienteers58:58
24Nick BarlowDivision 2Garingal Orienteers59:50
25Dave DorlingDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers60:09
26Richard PattisonDivision 2Bennelong Northside Orienteers60:18
27Zoe MellingDivision 2Uringa Orienteers62:17
28Maggie MackayDivision 2Uringa Orienteers62:54
29Alexa TroedsonDivision 2Big Foot Orienteers63:13
Division 3
1Callum WalandDivision 3Knox Grammar School31:34
2Rory SheddenDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers33:20
3Tshinta HopperDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers35:52
4David GreenDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers35:53
5Melvyn CoxDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers37:36
6Michael HalmyDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers39:14
7Marguerite O'RourkeDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers39:24
8Melissa JosephDivision 3Garingal Orienteers40:11
9Alex SmithDivision 3Knox Grammar School40:22
10Ian FroudeDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers41:32
11Jamie KennedyDivision 3Garingal Orienteers41:52
12Ruth SheddenDivision 3Southern Highlands Orienteers42:16
13Natalya FilippovaDivision 3Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers42:39
14Saffron SweeneyDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers42:57
15Sheralee BaileyDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers43:40
16Wayne PepperDivision 3Bennelong Northside Orienteers43:42
17Andrew Mac DonaldDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers44:28
18Brian LeeDivision 3Knox Grammar School45:01
19Joshua BraidwoodDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers45:25
20Noah SamuelDivision 3Knox Grammar School47:40
21Kieran JosephDivision 3Garingal Orienteers48:19
22Silvia TeohDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers49:46
23Johnny PetersenDivision 3Garingal Orienteers50:27
24Michael SmithDivision 3Big Foot Orienteers50:56
25Jay SeehoDivision 3Western and Hills Orienteers59:36
26Leo XuDivision 3Knox Grammar School60:22
27Alton LeeDivision 3Knox Grammar School64:25
--Keith GoodeDivision 3Big Foot OrienteersMP
Division 4
1Rowan RamamurthyDivision 4CAS N38:39
2Bob MorganDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers40:55
3Rodney ParkinDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers41:07
4Samuel TsangDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers42:16
5Merryn HorrocksDivision 4Garingal Orienteers43:14
6Gordon WilsonDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers43:58
7Sharon LambertDivision 4Bennelong Northside Orienteers44:57
8Garry StewartDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers46:04
9Matilda SaundersDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers46:06
10James StuartDivision 4Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers46:36
11Nick DentDivision 4Central Coast Orienteers46:58
12Ben CumminsDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers47:36
13Dan RedfernDivision 4Garingal Orienteers48:06
14Tania KennedyDivision 4Garingal Orienteers49:26
15Ross BarrDivision 4Garingal Orienteers50:27
16Hilary WoodDivision 4Central Coast Orienteers50:41
17David NobleDivision 4Western and Hills Orienteers54:05
18Stephan WagnerDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers54:57
19Julia RalstonDivision 4CAS N57:25
20Janine RalstonDivision 4CAS N57:41
21Ellis LeungDivision 4Garingal Orienteers57:48
22Monique PhillipsDivision 4Garingal Orienteers58:39
23Martin CroninDivision 4Southern Highlands Orienteers67:58
24Carol JacobsonDivision 4Garingal Orienteers70:34
--Emmanuelle ConvertDivision 4Western and Hills OrienteersMP
Division 5
1Shay SweeneyDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers29:04
2Adam BrodieDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers32:20
3Jonah AlbanyDivision 5Knox Grammar School36:50
4Fergus DixonDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers38:27
5Isaac HoyleDivision 5Knox Grammar School42:57
6Tania HorrocksDivision 5Garingal Orienteers44:19
7Jim MerchantDivision 5Garingal Orienteers45:35
8Devlin McCarthyDivision 5Knox Grammar School46:02
9Stephanie NichollsDivision 5Garingal Orienteers48:13
10Sue FroudeDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers48:28
11Jay YangDivision 5Knox Grammar School48:32
12Martin MansfieldDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers49:00
13Jamie ThomsonDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers49:12
14Elizabeth LeungDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers49:24
15Sandra StewartDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers49:48
16William NolanDivision 5Uringa Orienteers49:57
17Micaela AshtonDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers51:09
18Francis MeischkeDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers52:29
19Anthony SaundersDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers53:34
20William BoyfieldDivision 5Knox Grammar School54:49
21Jane BolandDivision 5Uringa Orienteers57:09
22Cameron JosephDivision 5Garingal Orienteers58:20
23Jessica DunDivision 5Hastings Orienteering Group58:51
24Ken JacobsonDivision 5Garingal Orienteers61:42
25Michael FlackDivision 5CAS N64:25
26Jacinta BraidwoodDivision 5Western and Hills Orienteers65:33
27Stephen HollowayDivision 5Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers68:22
28Glenn FlackDivision 5CAS N69:03
29Miriam MeischkeDivision 5Southern Highlands Orienteers69:54
30Ashok ReddyDivision 5Knox Grammar School70:31
31Kirsty DunDivision 5Hastings Orienteering Group72:47
32Abigail McGheeDivision 5Bennelong Northside Orienteers72:49
33Dave LottyDivision 5Uringa Orienteers83:57
--Alan GibsonDivision 5Bennelong Northside OrienteersMP
--Rachael WildigDivision 5CAS NMP
Division 6
1Euan SheddenDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers17:41
2Justine de Remy de CourcellesDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers17:49
3Alessandra MartinesDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers18:08
4John BulmanDivision 6Garingal Orienteers20:47
5Maxwell PovahDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers24:09
6Andy PovahDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers26:20
7Heidi MillissDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers26:53
8Elizabeth BulmanDivision 6Garingal Orienteers28:14
9Artem KaravaevDivision 6Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers28:20
10Aiden McQuillanDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers29:09
11Levi CoadyDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers31:17
12Ryan PattisonDivision 6Bennelong Northside Orienteers33:10
13Thomas SpencerDivision 6Western and Hills Orienteers33:37
14Martin and Henry EdwardsDivision 6CAS N34:47
15Owen GraceDivision 6CAS N39:58
16Patrick McDonaghDivision 6CAS N41:13
17Dennis SparlingDivision 6Garingal Orienteers42:06
18Maxim KaravaevDivision 6Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers44:29
19Daria KaravaevaDivision 6Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers45:05
20James WellsDivision 6Garingal Orienteers51:46
21Simone JayDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers52:25
22Kevin CurbyDivision 6Illawarra Kareelah Orienteers53:30
23Kathy DraytonDivision 6Southern Highlands Orienteers58:20
--Cheryl BluettDivision 6Bennelong Northside OrienteersMP
Very Easy
1Peter King familyVery EasyCAS N22:09
2Elliott McQuillanVery EasyWestern and Hills Orienteers23:42
3Alex PhillipsVery EasyGaringal Orienteers36:51
4Lachlan GraingerVery EasyGaringal Orienteers38:32
5Lucas CoadyVery EasyWestern and Hills Orienteers43:58

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers