Southern Highlands 4 - Belanglo SF

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IKO Belanglo

Provisional Results at Sunday 24 July 5:57PM
1Euan SheddenMens EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers42:12
1Hanna JonesWomens EasyUringa Orienteers48:51
2Sayeeda JonesWomens EasyUringa Orienteers49:03
3Jessica PeranogluWomens EasyCAS N56:41
4Sonia CrossWomens EasyCasual67:29
2Charlie MatchettMens EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers70:29
3Harry MatchettMens EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers71:19
--Penny MatchettWomens EasySouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
1Joseph PevanogluMens ModerateCAS N39:37
1Nazara JonesWomens ModerateUringa Orienteers42:19
2Paul JonesMens ModerateUringa Orienteers42:21
2Maggie CooperWomens ModerateIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers47:21
3Peter MeyerMens ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers56:33
3Nicole GallaharWomens ModerateGaringal Orienteers58:24
4Dave LottyMens ModerateUringa Orienteers68:21
5James StuartMens ModerateIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers74:07
6Ray Melinz and RebeccaMens ModerateCAS N76:07
4Kathy DraytonWomens ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers76:52
5Lyn MalmgronWomens ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers79:51
7Liam Bracht and Ryan McLarenMens ModerateCAS N85:45
Short Hard
1Michael BurtM S HardRed Roos60:51
1Val HodsdonW S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers76:40
2Shaun HollowayM S HardCAS N78:10
3Garry StewartM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers79:42
4John HodsdonM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers80:38
5Keith JayM S HardIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers83:30
2Helen GolderW S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers90:39
3Sandra StewartW S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers91:11
6Michael RoylanceM S HardBig Foot Orienteers109:22
--Martin CroninM S HardSouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
--Robert SpryM S HardSouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
--Stephen HollowayM S HardIllawarra Kareelah OrienteersMP
Long Hard
1Douglas JayM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers71:16
1Carolyn HauptW L HardGaringal Orienteers81:36
2Bob MorganM L HardBennelong Northside Orienteers93:09
3Jason RutkowskiM L HardNASH O103:10
4Gregory DominishM L HardGaringal Orienteers104:38
5Johnny PetersenM L HardGaringal Orienteers107:53
6John BrayanM L HardGaringal Orienteers108:52
7Dan RedfernM L HardGaringal Orienteers109:52
2Ruth SheddenW L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers119:25
8Stephan WagnerM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers124:47

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers