Highlands Forest Series #1 2021

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Provisional Results at Sunday 25 April 3:11PM
1Euan SheddenM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers27:48
2Francis MeischkeM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers30:08
1Angel MeischkeW EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers30:40
3Harry MatchettM EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers45:17
2Kathy DraytonW EasySouthern Highlands Orienteers48:46
3Family AltmannW EasyNCN Newcastle87:14
--Charlie MatchettM EasySouthern Highlands OrienteersDNF
--Sonia AhmadW EasyNo clubDNF
1David ChristieM ModerateUringa Orienteers31:29
2Rory SheddenM ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers36:33
3Martin CroninM ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers62:16
1Lyn MalmgronW ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers63:23
2Michele JacksonW ModerateSouthern Highlands Orienteers70:21
3Maureen OgilvieW ModerateUringa Orienteers86:46
--Anthony SaveskiM ModerateMP
Short Hard
1Brian CarterM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers39:37
2Garry StewartM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers46:14
3Stephan WagnerM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers49:41
4Michael RoylanceM S HardBig Foot Orienteers59:23
1Maggie MackayW S HardUringa Orienteers61:46
2Sandra StewartW S HardBennelong Northside Orienteers63:43
3Miriam MeischkeW S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers69:21
4Barbara DawsonW S HardGaringal Orienteers72:44
5Daniel VaughanM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers74:15
5Hannah VaughanW S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers74:19
6Stephen VaughanM S HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers74:53
7Dick OgilvieM S HardUringa Orienteers88:50
--Robert SpryM S HardSouthern Highlands OrienteersMP
Long Hard
1Angus SheddenM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers47:06
2Andrew SmithM L HardGaringal Orienteers52:03
3Craig RoachM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers53:05
4Stuart DeaneM L HardGaringal Orienteers64:37
5Michael CouttsM L Hard66:14
6Cesar Da RosaM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers66:21
7Paul GrimsonM L Hard66:25
8Ian McKenzieM L HardUringa69:56
9Stephen DunlopM L HardWestern and Hills Orienteers77:44
10Warwick SelbyM L HardGaringal Orienteers79:02
11Ross BarrM L HardGaringal Orienteers79:46
12Ian FroudeM L HardIllawarra Kareelah Orienteers80:08
1Toni BachvarovaW L HardGaringal Orienteers82:25
2Rochelle CoxW L HardGaringal Orienteers82:56
13Nick BarlowM L HardGaringal Orienteers82:59
3Helen GolderW L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers85:32
14Mitchell DelamotteM L HardSouthern Highlands Orienteers89:18
15Dmitry StukovM L HardWestern and Hills Orienteers93:35
16Peter ThomasonM L HardBennelong Northside Orienteers94:49
4Melanie ChristieW L HardUringa Orienteers96:47
--Dan RedfernM L HardGaringal OrienteersMP
--Family GardeM L HardMP
--Jim MackayM L HardUringa OrienteersMP
--Nicole MealingW L HardBig Foot OrienteersMP
--Ellis LeungM L HardGaringal OrienteersDNF
--Jonathan InfanteM L HardCAS NDNF
--Naomi InfanteW L HardCAS NDNF
--Nicole GallaharW L HardGaringal OrienteersDNF
--Peter AnnettsM L HardGaringal OrienteersDNF

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers