CCSS1 - Long Jetty

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Provisional Results at Sunday 6 November 3:51PM
1Mark SchaeferMenCentral Coast Orienteers5704048:24530
2Ciaran LynchMenCentral Coast Orienteers4701045:11460
3Philip EddeyMenCAS N4303047:08400
4Kelly MurphyWomenCentral Coast Orienteers4808052:12400
5Suzanne BramfordWomenCentral Coast Orienteers370044:32370
6Lachlan HarrisMenCentral Coast Orienteers3602046:24340
7Sandra Carnevale and Anna-lee BauerGroup3704048:38330
8Hilary WoodWomenCentral Coast Orienteers320043:59320
9Andrew GoddardMenGaringal Orienteers51019063:07320
10Samuel WolstenholmeMen310044:08310
11David BowermanMenCentral Coast Orienteers310044:55310
12Elizabeth BulmanWomenGaringal Orienteers3403047:33310
13John BulmanMenGaringal Orienteers3504048:12310
14Liz and Danny and Oscar MaughanGroup290039:31290
15Tim StrubeMenCentral Coast Orienteers290043:55290
16Angela van den BosWomen42013057:08290
17Kim Stamper and Larissa Gunderson and Lizzie DoyleGroup280044:27280
18James WolstenholmeMen260043:08260
19Jim ForbesMenGaringal Orienteers2804048:57240
20Deborah DicksonWomenCentral Coast Orienteers230044:41230
21Katie LillymanGroup2603047:47230
22Heather McCubbenWomen220036:07220
23Linda SalwayWomenCentral Coast Orienteers220041:48220
24Elizabeth BunnWomenNewcastle Orienteering Club210043:09210
25Thomas BunnMenNewcastle Orienteering Club180043:55180
26Paul KillenMenNewcastle Orienteering Club1701045:54160
27Ingrid OblasserWomenNewcastle Orienteering Club150043:31150
28Heiko SchaeferMenCentral Coast Orienteers1702046:27150
29Grant and Judalene Cheetham and Aphrodite StathisGroup1401045:03130
30Justin DjuricMenCentral Coast Orienteers1603047:42130
31Neil ChappellMenCentral Coast Orienteers22010054:05120
32Lorinda SetoWomenCentral Coast Orienteers90041:4290
33Mitchell and Jayne and Ashton and Aurora BarnesGroup60016:5760
34Jessica ScottGroup26043087:060
35Kate HudsonGroup26043087:240
Mini Course
1Hannah and Zara StaffordminiNewcastle Orienteering Club13:55
2Koen and Bronwyn StaffordminiNewcastle Orienteering Club14:32
3Khanra Khievmini16:21
4Dahly mini19:40
5Ashlin Lockwoodmini20:39
6Liam and Kerryn and Olivia and Orinmini20:48
7Sally McCrohon and Ian and Logan Brownmini29:00
8Julien Scaifemini29:30
9Elle and Jinnimini30:31
10Mahalia Scaife and Ekta Frederickmini32:29
11Steve and Wendy and Byron and Cove McIntyremini33:38
12Jo and Kellie and Sky and Tahlia and Emilie and Ameliamini34:16
13Ben and Cristie and Charlie Collinsmini47:20
--Jodi DonovanminiMP
--Oscar MaughanminiMP
--Laurette RoseminiDNF

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers