Hastings Orienteering Group Summer score - Blair Reserve

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Provisional Results at Sunday 20 November 1:22PM
Blair Reserve score
15Audrey McLachlan45 minute ScoreHastings Orienteering Group29:05
3Ben Ryan45 minute Score43:49
1Dan McLachlan45 minute ScoreHastings Orienteering Group42:32
13David Clayton45 minute ScoreHastings Orienteering Group30:48
10Eleanor Harris45 minute Score42:13
5Janene Brown Cassandra and Piper Sargeant45 minute Score42:17
7Jason Elvidge45 minute Score42:03
8Jonathon Richardson45 minute Score38:30
4Jones Family45 minute Score41:50
9Mckinnon boys45 minute Score44:37
17Mckinnon girls45 minute Score50:57
14Rodney Mason45 minute Score55:47
16Scott Earl and Jack Lucinda45 minute Score45:22
2Stephen Wood45 minute ScoreHastings Orienteering Group45:51
11Team MEDD45 minute Score43:32
12The A Team45 minute Score44:56
6Van Mill Family45 minute Score44:26

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers