NOY4 - Abermain

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Provisional Results at Wednesday 6 July 12:24PM
Very Easy
1Zoe TseVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club15:45
2Carl O'ConnorVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club15:49
3Max AltmannVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club21:05
4Griffin SmithVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club21:12
5Tim AndrewsVery EasyCAS N21:37
6Hannah StaffordVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club26:02
7Koen StaffordVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club26:24
8Presley Scouller-EvansVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club26:47
9James ThompsonVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club27:16
10Max Jullian Altman and Sally QuillVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club28:45
11Hamish AndrewsVery EasyCAS N29:01
12O'Mahoney FamilyVery EasyCAS N30:29
13Evelyn TseVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club33:33
14Hayley JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club40:57
15Lucy JenkinsVery EasyNewcastle Orienteering Club41:00
16Gollan FamilyVery EasyCAS N71:44
17Cooper BumakVery EasyCAS N71:46
1Baxter PeelEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club14:35
2Carol PearceEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club20:25
3Anna and John LoitertonEasyCAS N26:30
4Harriet ThompsonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club30:23
5Archer and Sam NewtonEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club32:03
6Jane HolmesEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club34:24
7Melissa Caslick and Cat and KristyEasyNewcastle Orienteering Club67:09
Moderate Short
1John and Anna LoitertonMod ShortCAS N43:09
2Kai MetcalfeMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club44:45
3Naomi ScoullerMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club52:52
4Kelly KurtzMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club67:24
5Callie McDonaldMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club71:29
6Karen MoranteMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club77:58
7Digby RaywardMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club85:50
8Lyn RaywardMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club119:34
--Paddy and Ned Connor Tama BesuijenMod ShortCAS NMP
--Eleanor ThompsonMod ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubDNF
--O'Mahoney familyMod ShortCAS N112:28
Moderate Long
1Graeme TaplinMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club35:58
2Harry CarterMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club52:50
3Bruce GrahamMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club52:57
4Eric BesuijenMod LongCAS N53:25
5Geoff and Baxter PeelMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club61:22
6Jeff ApitzMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club64:25
7Tim HackneyMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club74:43
8Isaac HillMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club77:19
9Deborah DicksonMod LongCentral Coast Orienteers80:43
10Zoe WebbMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club108:35
--Greg BaconMod LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Joe NewtonMod LongNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Presley Scouller-EvansMod LongNewcastle Orienteering Club61:25
Hard Short
1William ThompsonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club37:46
2Peter OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club47:17
3Margaret PeelHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club47:28
4Nathan BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club48:34
5Tim TewHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club50:15
6Carolyn MatthewsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club50:26
7Bronwyn StaffordHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club53:53
8Caroline JenkinsHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club55:15
9Graham FowlerHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club59:02
10Peter BerkholzHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club59:39
11Aaron SmithHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:00
12Ginaya DunnHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club60:35
13Joy GuyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club67:10
14Diana CharltonHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club74:18
15Sally-Anne TodkillHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club75:00
16David BowermanHard ShortCentral Coast Orienteers75:29
17Viola O'ConnorHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club76:07
18Carolyn ChalmersHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club76:27
19Carolyn RigbyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club78:28
20Andrea HackneyHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club78:56
21Mathew KillenHard ShortCAS N82:32
22Paul KillenHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club84:27
23Mark WebbHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering Club118:46
--Maria OrrHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--Toy MartinHard ShortNewcastle Orienteering ClubMP
--John and Anna LoitertonHard ShortCAS N72:56
Hard Medium
1Martina CraigHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club47:00
2Andrew HaighHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club49:34
3Geoff TodkillHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club53:04
4Peter CharltonHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club56:06
5Malcolm RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club61:01
6Steven RobertsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club61:16
7Andrew PowerHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club61:29
8Gayle QuantockHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club65:41
9Rudi LandsiedelHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club69:08
10Jim LeeHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club72:57
11Nicole HaighHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club73:58
12Gen NawrotHard MedCAS N74:48
13Andrew KillenHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club76:02
14Shane JenkinsHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club85:06
15Lynda HewsonHard MedNewcastle Orienteering Club129:58
Hard Long
1Alex MasseyHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club47:22
2Stephen CraigHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club49:24
3Oskar MellaHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club49:39
4Justin StaffordHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club54:24
5Steven TodkillHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club55:47
6Scott SimsonHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club69:35
7Arthur KingslandHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club81:49
8Shane TrotterHard LongNewcastle Orienteering Club96:43
9Andrew GrahamHard LongBennelong Northside Orienteers98:00
10Phil WadeHard LongCAS N156:46

Results provided by Big Foot Orienteers